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From the blog

Meretz UK urges Gantz to oppose annexation Posted Apr 16, 2020 By HaverimMeretz

Meretz UK is one of 27 Jewish organisations who have signed on to a letter from the J-Link coalition to Benny Gantz, Chairman of the

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Neither a Jewish State nor an Arab State – Ben Reiff Posted Apr 15, 2020 By HaverimMeretz

?‘Neither a Jewish State nor an Arab State’: How Zionist Bi-Nationalism Tried and Failed to Change the Face of the Middle East by Ben Reiff

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About our next speaker, Dr Anne Summers Posted Feb 19, 2020 By Lawrence Joffe

Meretz UK and Spiro Ark?are delighted and honoured to host Dr?Anne Summers?on?Sunday, 8 December?–?International Women’s Day – to give us an illustrated talk on?A ‘New

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